Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sabudana vadiyalu(small papad)

This recipe is very easy simple tasty and wonderful.

Sabudana (Saggubiyyam)
Green chillie paste (Optional - if you want them to be spicy then add this)

Method of preparation
1. Soak Sabudana for 4- 5 hours in water.
2. Drain Sabudana and add it to a hot kadai/vessel and let it become kind of soggy paste. You should be able to take it out with a spoon.
3. Switch off the stove and add very little salt to it. If you like you can add green chilli paste at this point. Mix all the above.
4. Take a tray (any tray but wide enough). Using spoon or spatula drop very small quatities on the tray (by maintaining enough distance between one drop and other).

5. Put the tray in sun light for a day or two by turning to other side once one side is dried out totally. These vadiyalu dries out very quickly if the heat is adequate. Your sabudana vadiyalyu are ready at this point.

Before you eat them, fry them in oil and they will become crunchy and big (similar to papad but not of that much big size). These vadiyalu are good to eat with rice and sambar or rice and rasam combination.
Note: I am going to post pics of this so that it will give a nice pictorial view and idea of how they look at every stage.


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