Thursday, September 29, 2011

Navaratri Day 1 - Cracked Wheet Halwa/Cracked Wheet Seera

On the day one of navaratri I made this cracked wheet seera. I never got it right till now, although I used to add 1;3 water for it. This time as I was making it I was praying to god that it should turn out good as this is a prasad to devi. Luckily and by god's grace it turned out yummy.

Cracked Wheet - 1 cup
Water - 4 cups
Sugar - 1 cup (can adjust the sugar according to your taste)
Ghee - 2 spoons
Cashews, raisins - fried in little ghee
Cardammom powder - 1/4 spoon

Method of preparation
Take a kadai or regular bowl and add ghee to it. Fry the dry fruits and keep aside. Now add the cracked wheet to it and fry until its slightly golden color. Put the water in microwave to heat up for a minute or two. Add the hot water to the cracked wheet. Wait until the water is absorbed and stir in between. Once the water is totally absorbed, add sugar to it. cook for two to three minutes and then add cashews and cardammom powder.


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