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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tomato Thokku/Pachadi (long term)

To all my dear readers, this tomato thokku or pachadi can stay for long period like more than a one month or so. So we can make it once and keep enjoying it for close to one month or more. I learned this recipe from my mother in law when she was visiting us last month. try it and do leave your comments as usual :) Thank you all.

Tomato (Get good red ones) - 8
Red chilli powder - 1 cup (or 1 big sambar spoon ish)
Tamarind - little more than lemon size
Salt - 1 cup and little more
Mustard seeds powder - 1 table spoon
Methi powder - 1 and 1/2 table spoon
Oil - 8 table spoons
Mustard seeds - 1/2 table spoon
Asafoetida (Hing) - 1/2 table spoon

Method of preparation
1) Take a kadai or pan (take wider one) and add couple of spoons of oil. Cut the tomato's into medium sized pieces. Once the oil is heated, add the tomato's to it.
2) Remove the seeds from the tamarind. Now spread the tamarind on the chopped tomatos. Add salt to it.
3) Do not mix it. Once the tomato's are cooked, turn off the heat. Now add the red chilli powder and other powders to it.Mix everything and leave it for couple of minutes.
4) Blend the above mixture. not too pasty but just for couple of seconds.
5) Do the tadka/popu/poNi by taking oil in a small pan, heat it and then add mustard seeds. Once mustard seeds starts spluttering, add the hing to it and turn off heat. Add the tadka and mix well. (Oil should be oozing out a little. )

Note: If you feel that oil is more, then do not worry. Oil, salt and red chilli will be more in the items which needs to last for long time.
This Thokku/pachadi is eaten with white rice or with any other thing.
It can be eaten the instant it is made too. So enjoy it the way you like it.

(Will post some pictures soon).

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mixed vegetable raita

Mixed veggies here means, all I added was grated carrot, onion, tomatos and american cucumber. I believe may be I can experiment by adding the deep fried bhendi and boondi  to the raita just before I serve. hmm.... will take that experimentation part later on and here is the recipe I used.

Onions - chopped finely - 1 small or can use even less too
Tomato's - Chopped finely - 1 or more depending on your love to it.
Cucumber - Chopped finely (similar to onions)
2 carrots grated
Yogurt - needed to make raita
Salt - can add from 1/2 - 1 spoon depending on sourness/sweetness of yogurt
For tadka
Oil - 1-2 tablespoons
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tea spoon
Asafoetida/hing/Inguva - a pinch or more
urad dal - 1 tea spoon (can add more depending on your how crunchy you want)
Curry leaves - a handful (optional)
Crushed red chillies - 1-2 (lightly fry them either in a small amount of oil or without and crush them nicely in mortar with pestel or in blender if you do not have it). Add it carefully as it might increase the spiciness on how much you add.

Method of preparation
Mix all the raita ingredients. Make tadka by keeping a small bowl on stove and add oil to it. Add mustard seeds and after they splutter add the urad dal , asafoetida and curry leaves. Add the red chilie paste, tadka to the raita mixture and serve it chilled with any rice item like biryani, mint rice, or spinach rice. I would love to have it with roti or plain rice too. Its individual opinion or options... you can try out number of them.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Grape Tomato Besan Curry

I love cooking with Tomatos. If tomatos are not at home then it is hard for me to decide what to cook. Although I do not use them daily, but I just need there for my personal satisfaction. This tomato's I am talking about are Grape tomato's (smaller version of tomato's). I made this curry as an experiment to go with the plain rice and dal and it came out tasty. This recipe sounds like pitlai but tastes yummy and sour because of the tomatos. Here is the recipe:

Grape Tomatos - Chopped into half
Onions (I prefer red onions) - 2 chopped finely
Besan (senagapindi)
Red chilli powder
Salt to taste ( 1 and 1/2 spoon)
Oil - 2-3 spoons
Cumin seeds -  1/2 tea spoon
Chana dal - 1 spoon (can add more if you want crunchiness in between)

Method of preparation
Take a kadai and add oil to it. Once the oil is hot, add cumin seeds and chana dal. Now add onion pieces. Once onion pieces are nicely fried add tomatos to it. Do not mix more because it can crush the small tomatos. Gently mix in between until you feel the tomatos are cooked (this might take 2-3 minutes). Now add turmeric, red chilli powder, salt to taste. Mix all of them. Add besan slowly to it. because of the water in the tomatos this will immediately become like the curry shown below. But if you feel that the water in tomatos has evoparated, then add 2-3 spoons of water also. Add coriander leaves at the end and transfer it to the serving bowl. Serve hot with rice and dal or just rice or roti too.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paneer Bhurji/ Crumbled Paneer

After an unsucessful attempt to get this, I attempted it this week and it was successful. It was too tempting that I made this for two days (first day - just small quantity along with regular menu and next day with roti's). When I made this the first time, it came out too dry and the paneer was almost coming out like dried coconut (flaky) kind of. So this time I added tomatos and a couple of spoons of water and that made all the difference and tasted good. I have added this to both the simple and special curries because it does not take much effort to cook it as a regular cooking to be part of simple cooking and even for special occasions it tastes good too. I want to try this recipe with grated potatos and see how it turns out. So wait and see for that trial of mine. I know most of you already know the recipe of paneer bhurji but here is how I did it:

Paneer - I bought store one and grated almost 3/4 of it
Onions - 1 or 2 chopped finely (depends on your liking on onions)
Tomatos - 1 big chopped finely
Red chilli powder - 1 table spoon
Garam Masala - 1 table spoon
Salt - 1 and 1/2 table spoon
Oil - 3 table spoons
Jeera (Cumin Seeds) - 1/2 tea spoon
Coriander leaves (kothimeeru, hara dhania) - small cup - Optional

Method of preparation
1) Take a kadai and add oil to it. Once the oil is heated add jeera and then add chopped onions to it.
2) After onions turns translucent or pink then add the tomatos and rest of ingredients except paneer and kothimeeru (Coriander leaves).
3) After the mixture is cooked well add a couple of table spoons of water to it, for not drying out paneer. This step is optional if you feel that paneer is good or if you want the curry to be dry.
4) Add the crumbled/grated paneer to it and coriander leaves too. Mix thoroughly and then turn off stove after couple of minutes.

As mentioned you can have this with rice or roti. 

Friday, May 06, 2011

Dum Aloo (with no Onion or Garlic)

This curry is made by my co-sister on Monday and the credit totally goes to her. The taste was awesome and made in few minutes only. People who love tomatos and potatos will very well love this curry. Another nice thing about this curry is that, it does not have any big masala's and no onion or garlic to it. I loved both parts of it because, I can make this curry on a festival day and offer it to god without compromising on the favor and taste. So god get to have this yummy food too ..... cool isn't it. I am so tempted to add it to blog. OK...No more talking... here goes the recipe

Potatos - 5
Tomatos - 3 - chopped any size
Coriander powder
Mustard seeds
Jeera (Cumin seeds)
Red chilli powder

Method of preparation
1)Boil the potatos and chop it into big chunks. Alternatively you can use the baby potatos and use fork to prick it after removing the top layer of them. (I used microwave to boil potatos than traditional way, saved me time/vessel cleaning/stove time). :).
2) Take a kadai on stove top and add little oil to it. Now add mustard seeds (after oil is heated). After mustard seeds splutter add jeera (cumin seeds) to it. Add chopped tomatos and let it cook thoroughly. Mix the tomato in between.
3) Add turmeric, salt and red chilli powder to the above. After tomato is cooked properly, allow it to cool and then grind the mixture in a blender.
4) Take kadai (either same cleaned one or different one) and very little oil (may be 1-2 spoons) and add the tomato paste to it. Add some water to it and let it cook until the mixture thickens a little bit. Now add the boiled potatos to it.
5) cover and cook for 5 mintues or some time until the potatos have the gravy taste to it. Turn off stove and transfer the curry in serving bowl. Garnish with Coriander and it is ready to be served with either chapati or rice. Enjoy!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kadai Paneer

Well as I told you before, I am very lazy person. My husband loves kadai paneer outside so I attempted at home last month and it came out nice. Since then I made it atleast couple of times more. So here goes the recipe which I made.

Paneer - 200 grms - chopped in cubes (can be raw or can be fried ones, whichever your taste buds prefer)
Capsicum (Green) - 1 or 2 - chopped in cube(square) shapes
Onion - 1 - Chopped in cube shapes
Capsicum(red) - 1 - Optional in cubes shapes
Tomato - 1 or 2 - Chopped either cubes or vertically
Cumin powder - 1 table spoon
Coriander Powder - 1 table spoon
Red chilli powder - ask your tastebuds
Salt - I will also leave this to your tastebuds
Oil - 3-5 table spoons (depends on your choice again)
cumin seeds - 1 tea spoon or less
Kasoori methi - very little - smashed in hands
Cashew powder - 1 table spoon (optional)
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tea spoon (optional)
Turmeric - 1 tea spoon

Method of preparation
1) Keep all the vegetables cubed and ready. Take a kadai and add oil to it.
2) Add cumin seeds to it. Now add Onions to it and fry for a minute. Add ginger garlic paste and fry till its raw smell is gone.
3) Now add capsicum (both color if available) and fry for a minute.
4) Add all the powders and masala's and also add tomatos. Do not stir more otherwise the tomatos get very mushy.
5) Add little water if the curry is too dry. Add a little kasoori methi by crushing between your hands.
6) Once the vegetables are cooked, add paneer to it along with some water and cashew powder. Cover and cook them for five minutes and turn off stove. Cashew powder will give thickness to the gravy.

Your curry is now ready. It can be served hot with roti. Garnish it with coriander and dried onions. You can be creative at this step. Good luck and as always please let me know how it comes out.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Pita pockets - Instant lunch

last week on Saturday my husband was insisting on eating something different. The previous day we got some nice falafel and pita pockets. I asked my husband to get some hummus and made these  nice tasting and quick lunch. You might need to buy some ingredients to make it but its healthy, tasty and nice variety to give it a try. So here goes the recipe which I tried.

Pita bread - makes 2 pita pockets with one full bread
Roasted red pepper hummus - (you can add your flavor of the hummus to it)
Falafel (we bought the big falafel packet from costco. You can use your own or get different flavor)

Method of preparation

      - heat falafel in microwave as per the instructions
      - peel and chop cucumber and tomatos to small pieces
      - Cut the pita bread into two pieces.
Carefully open the pita bread in the middle and apply the hummus to it. In a bowl, smash the falafel, add chopped cucumber and tomatos. If you like you can add onions also. Stuff the mixture into the pita pockets. Do not overcrowd it.
Heat a tawa on medium flame. Put these pita pockets prepared and turn sides once the side becomes a little golden brown. This will give a nice feeling of having it hot. If you do not like eating hot, you can skip this step.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Vankaya/Eggplant Masala Curry

In general, whenever we order the vankaya curry from hotel or bagara baigan I see it lightly in brown color (ofcourse because of the sesame seeds paste and tamarind I believe) and taste was not that great. But on our cousin's housewarming day(which was almost an year ago) I ate this very delicious and nice looking vankaya masala. On last thursday I want to replicate it at home, because I was longing to have that taste once more. And happily I was able to replicate it. I could not take any pictures but will post pictures when I repeat the recipe again.
Eggplants - 14 - 15 in no. chopped in 4 parts with ends keeping in tact.
Oil - 5-6 table spoons
Onions - 2
Tomatos - 3
Ginger and garlic paste 2 table spoons (I grinded both in traditional mortar and pestle)
Garam masala - 1.5 table spoons
Red chilli powder - 3 table spoons
Salt - 3 table spoons
Cumin seeds - 1/2 table spoon
Asafoetida - 2 pinches (use generously)
Tamarind paste - 2 table spoons ( I used the ready made paste here)
Peanut powder - 5 table spoons (to make thick gravy, you can add more or less depending on how the gravy should be for you)
Method of preparation
1. Fry chopped onions in 1/2 spoon of oil and then grind it to paste.
2. Boil tomatos in water and then grind it and mix it with the onion paste.
3. Add red chilli powder, salt, garam masala to the onion tomato mixture and keep aside.
4. Take a pressure cooker or kadai and add oil to it.
5. After oil is heated, add cumin seeds(Jeera), asafoetida.
6. Drop the chopped eggplants into the kadai. Fry them for two minutes.
7. Now add onion, tomato paste, peanut powder, tamarind paste.
8. Transfer every to a pressure cooker and cook till one whistle. Transfer it to serving bowl after the cooker is done and garnish with coriander and cashews if you look.

If you do not have pressure cooker, you can cook in the same kadai but let the eggplant cook half first and then close the lid and mix everything. Cook in the kadai until eggplant is thoroughly cooked , while mixing it in between.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aloo Gobi Curry

Gobi florets
Onion, chopped into big pieces - 1 or 2
Tomato - 1 or 2
ginger garlic crushed/paste - 1/2 table spoon
Oil - 4-5 table spoons
Red chilli powder - add it according to your taste
Garam Masala - 1 table spoon
Kasoori Methi - a pinch
Coriander powder (optional) - 1/2 table spoon
Salt to taste
Kothimeeru (Coriander) to sprinkle at last.

Method of preparation
1. Take a vessel, add oil to it. Let it heat up and add cumin seeds to it. Add chopped onions, crushed ginger garlic or paste and let it fry for a minute or until onions turn golden brown.

2. Add Aloo and Gobi to it with pinch of turmeric, red chilli powder, Garam masala and let it stand for 5 minutes covered. Try to mix in between so that the curry do not stick to the pot/vessel. If you feel it starts sticking then add 1/2 cup of water to it.

3. Add chopped Tomato's, Salt, kasoori methi, coriander powder and mix well. Add little water and let it stand for some more time until all veggies are cooked.

4. Add Chopped and washed Coriander leaves to the curry and serve hot either with roti or rice.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Quick Salad (onions and tomato)

This is a fast and easy salad my mom taught me, when I was in bachelors. I used to make this and eat with rice. Make sure you have some mouthwash/refreshner after having this. Just kidding.. its good to have it.

Salt to taste

For Tadka/Popu:
Mustard Seeds
Jeera (Cumin Seeds)
Urad dal

Method of Preparation
1. Chop onions, coriander and tomatos into very small pieces.
2. Do tadka by adding oil in a small bowl. after oil is heated, add mustard seeds, let them splutter. Add Cumin seeds and urad dal. Let the dal turn a little golden colour.
3. Add onions and tomatos with tadka. Add salt to taste.
4. Mix Coriander to the above mixture.

Salad is ready. This Salad goes nicely with rice.

Note: Shall post some pics soon. Now-a-days all my pics are of my son. Soon will share some pics on cooking :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fresh Mild Salsa

We got a new comer in my kitchen. A new chopper. Shall post some pictures of it soon. Good thing about it is, we make the salsa in few seconds without striving hard. Here is the recipe of it.

Tomatos (preferably Roma tomatos) - 2-3 medium sized
Onion (preferably red onion) - 1/2 - 1 medium sized
Yellow Capsicum - small piece
Coriander - upto you. This gives nice fresh taste to the salsa
Jalepenos or green chilli - 1/2 - 1 very small one.(avoid it if possible).
Salt to taste (if needed).

Method of preparation
we added everything to the chopper and turned it so that the output is small pieces of everything. Have it with Tostitos or any corn style chips. Tastes good and wonderful.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tomato Chutney - MIL recipe

This recipe was taught by my mother-in-law. This pickle/chutney stays for a longer time than the usual ones(which is generally 2-3 days).

Ripe Tomato's
Chilli Powder

Method of Preparation
1. Chop the tomato's (can be even bigger size too).

2. Add a Oil in a vessel. After the Oil is heated, add the tomato's to it.

3. Add Salt and Turmeric to it, and mix it. Add Tamarind also to it.

4. After the Tomato's are cooked, (you will know this, when the oil slowly starts showing up above the tomato's) spread the Red Chilli Powder on it. Mix it thoroughly so that the chilli powder mixes with the above mixture.

5. Let the mixture cool down and store it in a dry clean bottle.

If you want to retain taste and color through out the usage of long lasting pickles, put it in refrigrator.


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