Friday, July 30, 2010

Pita pockets - Instant lunch

last week on Saturday my husband was insisting on eating something different. The previous day we got some nice falafel and pita pockets. I asked my husband to get some hummus and made these  nice tasting and quick lunch. You might need to buy some ingredients to make it but its healthy, tasty and nice variety to give it a try. So here goes the recipe which I tried.

Pita bread - makes 2 pita pockets with one full bread
Roasted red pepper hummus - (you can add your flavor of the hummus to it)
Falafel (we bought the big falafel packet from costco. You can use your own or get different flavor)

Method of preparation

      - heat falafel in microwave as per the instructions
      - peel and chop cucumber and tomatos to small pieces
      - Cut the pita bread into two pieces.
Carefully open the pita bread in the middle and apply the hummus to it. In a bowl, smash the falafel, add chopped cucumber and tomatos. If you like you can add onions also. Stuff the mixture into the pita pockets. Do not overcrowd it.
Heat a tawa on medium flame. Put these pita pockets prepared and turn sides once the side becomes a little golden brown. This will give a nice feeling of having it hot. If you do not like eating hot, you can skip this step.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe.


Riz said...

wow.. i will try this at home.. nice post

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's has a very tasy falafel in their freezer section that we eat now - microwaveable in 2 minutes!


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