Friday, June 25, 2010

Fried Rice with small difference

For this month Lalitha puja potluck I did this recipe. Looks like it came out good. So wanted to share what I did.

Green beans
Green peas
Biryani-pulav masala
Salt to taste
Cardamoms - 2-3 in no.
Cloves - 4-5 in no.
Bay leaves - couple
Cinnamon sticks - couple
For color:
1 or 2 spoons of milk
pinch of cooking color (yellow of orange)

Partly deep fry all the veggies except peas. Vegetables should be partly fried (meaning partly cooked) after frying in the oil. Alternatively, you can just brush the oil over veggies and heat them in oven until they are half cooked.

Cook rice with the consistency of water you do to make it seperate. For example if you are using basmati rice the ratio of rice and water should not exceed 1:1and1/2. It can be 1:1 depending on which cooker you use. I added one spoon of cooking oil, Salt, and green peas to it. Cover it and cook it until the rice is totally done. After the rice is done or when it is almost done, add milk which has the color dissolved lightly. Cover it for another minute or so. This gives the hotel touch of color to some part of served rice.

Method of preparation
Take a kadai and add oil to it. Add cumin seeds, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cloves and cardamom to it. Add onions and cashews to it and fry until onions are translucent. Now add all the veggies. Add salt and biryani-pulav masala to it. Remember that you added salt already to the rice so make sure you are not adding much salt here. Add cooked rice from step 2 of pre-preparation to it and mix it lightly. Make sure you are not breaking the rice or over stirring. Serve it by garnishing with fried cashews, onions and coriander as you desire.

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