Thursday, March 13, 2014

Putnalu Kobbari Podi/Chickpea and Coconut Powder

Putnalu (Chickpea) - 1 cup
Dry coconut - 1 cup
Red chilli powder/Red chillies (Please add this according to your spicy taste or the amout of spiciness in the red chillies/powder)
Cumin powder/roasted cumin seeds - 1 table spoon
Garlic - 3-6 pods (depends on how much you love garlic)
Salt to taste
Method of preparation
Grind the putnalu, coconut, red chillies, cumin, garlic and salt in a blender. Grind it coarsely and you can use it various tiffins. If you like it soft and not crunchy, grind it for a couple more seconds and there you have it.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Boondi Laddoo

Chickpea flour - 2 cups
Sugar - 4 cups (or adjust to your sweetness level)
Oil/ Ghee for deep frying
Dry fruits (like cashews, golden raisins, almonds) - upto your tastes

Method of preparation
Mix the senagapindi (chickpea flour) with water and mix it continuously for 5 minutes atleast. This process is to ensure that no lumps are formed.
On the stove, add  sugar and add very little water until the sugar is dissolved.
Set aside the mixed batter (no lumps aside for 5 minutes).
On another stove, heat up the oil/ghee. I used oil.
In a boondi jhalni, slowly pour one laddle of batter and spread, so that the boondi drops fall in the hot oil.
Make sure the boondi turns a little golden and it is crunchy. You can test it, by taking one in hand and try to squish it.
Drain the boondi in a paper.
Now add half of the paakam (sugar syrup) along with the dry fruits. let the sugar syrup sit on the stove (turned on) for some more time until sting syrup is made. Once the syrup is ready then add it to the boondi mixture.
Mix all the boondi nicely and start making round laddoos with it.
Once the laddoos are ready, store it in a air tight container.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Tamarind Pulihora with Tamarind Paste

Well, did anybody want to have pulihora but got tired of the long procedure especially for making tamarind pulihora. Well this should give you a boost to make more tamarind pulihora and sweetly in less than 5 minutes ...... can't believe, read on the recipe:
Cooked Rice
Tamarind Paste
Green Chillies
Red chillies
Chana dal
Mustard seeds
Asafoetida (hing)
Peanuts (can avoid if you have any allergies)
Salt to taste

Method of preparation
Spread the cooked rice in a wide pan/dish. This helps rice to cool down in hurry and also to mix the rice nicely without falling out of dish. Now take a small pan and start preparing the Popu(Tadka). Add oil and let it heat. ( I used Olive Oil but if you want better taste, try it out with peanut oil). Add mustard seeds, and let it splutter. Once they are ready, add little Jeera, asafoetida, chana dal and both chillies. Add peanuts, turmeric to above. Once the peanuts are nicely roasted along with the chillies, add Salt to it and the tamarind paste. Cook for almost less than a minute and turn off. Let the pan be on the stove for one more minute (after turning off, the heat of the oil is sufficiant to cook the tamarind at this point).
 Now  add the tamarind to the spread out rice. Mix the rice and mixture nicely with hand so that all the rice grains are covered with the mixture.
 Your tamarind rice is ready to serve or eat. You can add some coriander leaves, fried cashews to make it look nice :). enjoy!!!.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Palli Kaaram Podi (Peanut spicy powder)

Roasted peanuts
Jeera - 1 tea spoon
Red chillies
Tamarind - lemon size
Garlic - 4- pods
Salt to taste

Method of preparation
Roast the Jeera and red chillies little bit and grind them along with some part of the peanuts. Roast the remaining peanuts along with salt, until they crunchy (not too soft). Your peanut spicy powder is ready to use along with idli's or dosa's or just like that. Add a little bit of oil or ghee while using to add some nice taste.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pita Pockets with Veggie patti filling

This is a very simple recipe, easy to make and fast to have, yet healthy too. All you need in you is some laziness and ingredients at home. we can have this as lunch/dinner/snack. My kids started loving this. Most of the people might know this already, but still wanted to share it.

Pita pockets
Veggie patties

Method of preparation
Cut the pita bread in half, and open the pocket of it. Now apply hummus according to your taste to inside of the pita bread. Roast/heat the veggie patti until it is done. Now cut the veggie patti in half and insert it into the pita bread as shown in the photo. Your lunch/dinner/snack is ready. Enjoy !!!

Note: if you have patience and need more taste in it, add the chopped onions, cucumubers and stuff inside the pita bread. Tasty and healthy addition.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Noodles with peanut touch

 I loved the outside recipe from a store which I do not want to mention name. I got inspired from them, and started trying my own at home with linguine which I made it ready. So Linguine in peanut with little other ingredients I got the recipe and taste which I like. Adding a couple of veggies to make it healthy.

Onions - 1 chopped
Carrots - 2 grated
Brocolli florets - 1 cup
Peanuts - grinded (not total soft... but nutty flavor) - 1/4-1/2cup
Linguine - cooked as per instructions on box. (you can use other noodles also)
Oil - 2-3 tablespoons
Jeera/Cumin seeds - 1/2 teaspoon
Soy sauce - 1 spoon
hot and sweet sauce - 2- 3 spoons (can adjust according to your taste)

Method of preparation

The recipe is simple. Cook the linguini or noodles according to the package instructions. drain it and make them ready. Take a pan and add oil to it. once oil is heated add cumin and then rest of the veggies. once the veggies are slightly cooked, add the soy sauce and hot and sweet sauce to it along with the noodles (linguine in this case). Add the peanut powder at this point so that the noodles have it mixed in between. serve it hot once done.


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