Monday, February 28, 2011

Sorakaya Senagala Sprouts Curry

This curry is made similar to the Sorakaya-Moong Sprouts curry. Replace the Moong sprouts with the senagalu and here is the result. You can find the recipe at the following link:

How to make Sprouts:
Soak the seeds you want to make sprouts (either green whole moong or senagalu in this case), with sufficiant water overnight.
(1) Next day drain the water. Put Sprouts in a cheese cloth or old cotton towel and put some heavy weight on the sprouts. Leave this for a day or two or until the desired length of sprouts is attained.
(2) If you have Sprouts maker, then add the soaked sprouts to it and leave it for a day or two.

Senagalu Sprouts

Sorakaya-Senagalu Curry (Bottle gourd Sprouts Curry - Kaddu Sprouts Curry)

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Priya said...

Curry looks nutritious and yummy..


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