Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mamidikaya Pappu/Mango Dal

This is another famous one from Andhra Pradesh. This dal is usually made in summer when we get the sour mangoes. Here goes the recipe.
Raw Mangoes - 1
Toor Dal - Cooked (if uncooked, then cook it along with peeled, chopped raw mangos)- 1 cup
Curry leaves - a few
Salt to taste (1 and 1/2 tea spoon)
Green chillies - 2 slit and choped
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tea spoon
Oil - 1 table spoon
Jeera - 1/2 tea spoon
Turmeric - 1/2 tea spoon
Coriander powder (Dhania powder)- optional - 1/2 tea spoon

Method of preparation
1) Prepare dal as you would normally do, by adding dal, little turmeric and Jeera. You can add Peeled and chopped mango also while you are cooking dal in pressure cooker.
2) Take a kadai and add oil to it. Add mustard seeds and let it splutter. Now add jeera (optional as it is contained in dal while cooking), green chillies, curry leaves and now add raw mango pieces (only if you did not add it in dal).
3) If you added mango pieces to dal, then add the total cooked dal at this point. Add salt and coriander powder and your dal is ready. Garnish with coriander leaves (optional).

If using Electric pressure cooker, then put cooker in the browning mode. Add oil to it and repeat from step (2) of above, except you will be adding uncooked dal to it and add sufficient water and then cook it on high pressure for 3 minutes for dal to be ready. After you take out dal in serving bowl garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve hot with Rice and ghee.


Priya said...

Tangy mango dal makes me drool...

Sensible Vegetarian said...

First time here, lovely blog and the dal looks lovely.


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