Sunday, July 14, 2013

Strawberry Ice-cream (made at home)

This is first time when I used my icecream maker to do some ice-cream at home. It is little healthy as it contains all the strawberries puree (from fresh strawberries).

I used the following ice-cream maker. One thing I observed is I reduced the sugar quantity and it turned out to be a little sour. As my husband says "it is just like I am eating strawberry :0 ". Well I took it as a compliment. 
 Here is the way I served them the fresh ice-cream. Since the sugar quantity is low, I served then in a cone. The cone biscuit compensated the less sugar and it turned out to be really good while eating. I topped it with little tutti-fruity. so Enjoy the view and I will post the standard recipe I used soon. Till then... Happy Cooking.....

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