Monday, April 17, 2017

Red Thai Curry Veggie

Not indian but I have been trying other food and since I want quick bites or spend less time in kitchen sometimes this turned out to be a tasty option in quick time. Lets get started

Coconut milk - 2 cans
Red Curry paste - 1 (I used the Thai kitchen Red curry paste)
Veggies you like - I used Red bell pepper, cabbage, spring onions, baby corn, Green bell pepper, Thai basil, beans, carrots. Add 
Salt to taste
Hot sauce - I used the chilli garlic paste I have and Adjust it to your taste. 

Method of preparation
Advantage of the easier preparation is to just follow simple tips and let it take time to cook and serve us. I opened up can of coconut milk and added the thai curry paste bottle to it. Let it boil a little bit and add veggies to it. Once the veggies are little crunchy but cooked add salt and hot sauce to your taste and serve it hot with either rice noodles or white rice. 
 Top it with fresh basil before serving. The smell will be heaven. I served kids with some veggie omelet and pot stickers.

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