Monday, July 10, 2006

Pudina Pulav (Mint Rice)

This is the recipe I learnt from my another cousin Srilatha. The other day she visited us, and she made this in 15 minutes. Easy and fast to make and yummy to eat.
So here is the recipe.

1-2 cups Rice
Mint 1 to 2 bunches
Green Chillies 4 - 5 small
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 Table Spoons
Cumin seeds 1 - 2 Table Spoons
Onions 1 big
Pulav masala 1 Table Spoon


1. Soak rice for at least 30 minutes in water.
2. Grind washed mint leaves and Greens chillies into paste
3. Chop the onions finely small pieces

Method of cooking
1. Put oil and ghee nearly 2 tablespoons combined , let it heat through.
2. Take cumin seeds in hand and crush them in between hands to release the flavor and drop it the oil
3. Add ginger garlic paste fry it for a minute
4. Add onions and fry at least for 2 minutes

5. Then add pudina green chilli paste and pulav masala and fry another 2 minutes (you should smell the pudina and pulav masala)
6. At this point Transfer everything to your rice cooker add drained rice and fry for two minutes

7. Add salt
8. Add water

1. Fry some cashews before hand and decorate on the top
2. Add couple of spoons of ghee on top of the rice.

Preparation/Cooking Time: 15-20 minutes
Category: Main Coarse (Rice Varieties)

1. Soaking rice is not a must, but doing so gives good taste. However the water quantity should be very less when compared to normal times.
2. Shall Post some pictures soon.


Priya said...

Nice recipe Shireesha, I make this too but with lesser mint and add a few potato cubes to it.
And the snack made from tortilas also looks good and its so easy to make, I guess u can use a oven pre heated at 350F and keep chking on it till its done.Your recipe also gave me the brainwave of using tortilas to make chilli parotta recipe that I just saw here :
Thank u for that ;-)

Shruti said...

What other packed masala could be a good substitute for pulao masala?

Ramya said...

The photo u have posted is really mouthwatering shireesha. Well, i also make this rice but a little bit different. Measurement is all the same but i put potatoes, carrot, and peas. instead of grinding the pudina i wash and put the pudina leaves directly and saute it. Its actually more healthy because it has veggies too.

Neha said...

nice receipee , but some modification i did , i am using ginger - garlic paster and some bitroute so colour of pulav is excellent


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