Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pesaru pindi Laddu (moong dal powder laddu)

This is my favorite laddoo. These laddoos are generally made at Batukamma festival (a 9 day festival which comes before Dussehra navratri).

My mom got pesarupindi from India. It is generally made in the mills or Ghirni places. We roast a little moong dal and then take it to Ghirni place outside to make it good and smooth powder.

I think you can even make the powder in normal grinder also. So here goes the recipe:

Pesaru pindi (Moong dal powder) - 1 cup
Grinded sugar (or confectioner's sugar) - 1 cup
Ghee - to make laddoos

Method of Preparation:
Mix the moong dal powder, sugar in a bowl.

Heat the ghee and add it to the above powder.

Make laddoos by taking the mixed kind of solid powder in hands and pressing softly to make it to balls shape.

Your mouth watering and tasty laddoos are ready.


Anonymous said...

So, there is no cooking? Is that right? I will try it.

Anonymous said...

I tried it as I said. I need to find a better way to grind moong dal or buy the moong dal flour -I used coffee grinder and still it was just too coarse.

Shireesha said...

I guess we need to use something equal to Ghirni in India. I guess I saw that thing in here too in Mahanandi blog. Let me copy the link here.

I think it is called grain mill. I am looking forward to buy it too and try it with powder here. Currently I have some powder which came in from India.


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