Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maize poha chudva/chevda

This item reminds me of my childhood. My mom n dad when they go to hyderabad exhibition they used to bring the maize poha from there and then my mom used to prepare chudva out of it. It tastes crispy and nice. Try this recipe and I can guarantee you wont be disappointed by the taste. This recipe can take a little time and patience to make but tastes very good.

Maize poha
Chick pea (putnalu)
Red chilli powder
citric acid (a pinch or two)

Method of preparation
1. Take a vessel and add oil to it and heat it.

2. After the oil is heated up, take a small amount of maize poha and spread it in a bowl type spatula with holes. (I shall post the picture of what I am talking soon). Lower the spatula until the poha touches the oil. Poha will get fried like papad. Remove it after it becomes papad immediately. If you feel it is hard for you to get a spatula of that kind or if you feel it is hard to do that way, you can add poha directly in the oil but make sure you remove immediately as soon as it increases. Making it stay longer in oil will make poha turn brown and black immediately.

3. After poha is prepared add peanuts and chick pea also the same way (by adding it to oil).

4. Now take maize poha, fried peanuts and chick pea in a bowl. Add salt, red chilli powder with a pinch of citric acid and toss them till they mix up.

Now you have your timepass snack ready.

Note: If you are health conscious, you can even spread maize poha in a microwave safe bowl and heat it in microwave for 15-30 seconds (heat settings of microwave may be different).

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CharGC said...

I just got some maize poha and wanted to see ways in which it is used. Since I am diabetic and have to stay away from added oil and fat, I can't wait to try the microwave for this, thank you!


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