Sunday, November 15, 2009

Filter Coffee Making

A hot coffee while the weather is cold or in the morning at work is a better way to start the day. I dont say it but lot of others say it. If the coffee is special and cheering up it is even more interesting way to start the day. That is how my husband loves to start the day now-a-days. He generally prefers the typical filter coffee but if it is not there then he would opt for the instant coffee.

All we need to make the filter coffee is coffee filter, filter powder and then hot water.
You would initially add powder to the top section as shown in below picture:

Close it with holes holder (see picture)

Then you pour hot water into the top part. (see picture)

Within few minutes the decaution(spelled dekation) of filter coffee is ready.
Mix a little decaution with hot milk and sugar depending on your taste.

Enjoy !!!

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