Monday, August 08, 2011


After coming back from India this time, I tried this vada in the new kitchen gadget wet grinder. Before when I made vada, I used to drop the batter with spoon as it used to be a little thin than it should be. This time it came good in the wet grinder that I was able to make hole in the middle and have the actual vada's with the vada shape. Recipe is simple and here it goes:

Urad dal - 2 cups
Salt to taste (little more than 1 spoon)
Green chillies chopped finely (depending on the spice level of chillies and your taste bud level)
Onions (Optional)
Oil for deep frying

Method of preparation
1) Soak the urad dal over night or at least for 4 hours minimum. Grind the urad dal by using very little water in the wet grinder/regular grinde.
2) Add salt to it and other items as neccessary. Mix thoroughly.
3) Take a ziplock or a plastic sheet. Apply oil to it and take a small amount of the vada batter. press it lightly to make a round shape and create a small hole in between.
4) Take out the shaped batter into hand and hold your hand above the oil so that the batter slowly drops into hot oil.
5) fry it until it becomes golden or a little dark as you wish to have the colour. Have it with your favourite chutney or sauce. 

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