Thursday, May 08, 2014

Veggie Kabobs (BBQ)

Remembering hot grilled kabobs on a winter day. This post was supposed to go during summer. but I got a little lazy but what better time it is than a chilled day and remembering about hot grilled healthy stuff.
Now today the day is really going to be hot and humid and I felt that, today is the day this should be published. well simple to make and a healthy option too, especially for picky eaters also. This can be your main dish, side dish or just a snack too. So try it out when you get time. and be creative :). Thank you to my friend Sharmila, who make it at our home, Yumm.....
As you all might have observed that any BBQ or grilling takes hours of soaking veggies in the sauce/syrup. Well unlike that, this will take just few minutes. 

Green Pepper
Red pepper
Red onions
Paneer (make sure you get the firm paneer, otherwise they break easily while we slide). I will post the brand and the name of the paneer I used later. 
Shan Kabob Masala 

Method of preparation
Mix the yogurt with the kabob masala. Adjust the spices accordingly, you can add more red chilli powder, salt etc as you needed. Now chop the veggies almost same size, cubes/rectangles, so that when we grill them, everything is evenly cooked. Soak the veggies in the yogurt mixture and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes. You can leave it for some more time inside, or take them out and keep it.
Now take the skewers and arrange it according to you taste. Put it on the grill and turn it slowly when one side is done. Your veggie kabobs are ready to be yumm yumm in your tumm tumm :). 

Some more visual feast. Enjoy !!!!

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