Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Diwali

Wishing all a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali....

Today I gave Niwali (Mangala Harathi) to my brothers. Wanted to share that special tradition with everyone. This might be famous in other places also, but we Manthani people do it for sure in the following way.

The day before or the same day of Diwali(depending on the moon sign day), Sisters show Mangala Harathi (aarthi) to their brothers. The tradition starts early morning, before taking shower. Sisters apply coconut oil on the head of the brother for 3 times. Then comes the nazar utaro section, where the girl will take two laddoo type things (made from either besan or wheat flour with pinch of turmeric added), and turns them in one direction around the whole family. Same thing is done again with different set of laddoo type in the reverse direction. Finally they show aarthi to brothers and then to rest of the family.

Brother's give gifts to their sisters on two occasions for sure. One is Rakhi and other is Niwali, which I mentioned above. After the above thing is done, then we enjoy the special snacks prepared by mom. Peni, Madugulu (also called Jantikalu in andhra side), Chakkilaalu with Ghee and Tamarind Pickle. But the taste that we have on the food after niwali is total different from normal times.

Then the Diwali season comes, which everybody know that we all will have blasts.... new clothes, Special food, Crackers, Fire works .... Earthware Diya's.

Lot of unforgettable memories. As soon as the evening happens we wait to lite the earth ware diya's and decorate it around the home. Before the dinner have lot of fun with fireworks. and then finally the day ends with Laxmi Puja before having dinner. It is considered auspicious to do Laxmi puja on Diwali.

The following is a mangal aarthi which I am copying from another site, thoda modified so that we can sing it like OM JAI JAGADEESH HARE song:


Jai lakshmi maataa, maiyaa jai lakshmi maataa
tumko nishadin dhyaavta, hara vishnu vidhaataa
brahmaani, rudraani, kamlaa, tu hi hai jaga maataa
Om Jai lakshmi maataa

surya chandramaa dhyaavata, naarada rishi gaataa
durgaa rupa nirantara, sukha sampati daataa
Om Jai lakshmi maataa

jo koi tumko dhyaavata, riddhi siddhi dhan paataa
tu hi hai paatala basanti, tu hi shubha daataa
Om Jai lakshmi maataa

karma prabhaava prakaashaka, jaganidhi ke traataa
jis ghar mein tum rahati, sada sadguna aataa
Om Jai lakshmi maataa

kara sake koii kara le, mann nahin ghabaraataa
tuma bina yagya na hove, vastra na koii paataa
Om Jai lakshmi maataa

khaana paana ka vaibhava, sab tumse hi aataa
shubha guna mandira sundara, kshirodadhi jaataa
ratana chaturdasha tuma hi, koii nahin paataa
Jai lakshmi maataa, maiyaa jai lakshmi maataa

aartii lakshmii ji ki, jo koii nar gaataa
ura aananda umanga ati, paap utar jaataa
Om Jai lakshmi maataa

Hope you all will also have blast on Diwali.....

My Items on Diwali:

Sweets we got from outside:

Cucumber Raita

Peel the cucumber and grate it. Squeeze the juice out of it. Add salt, green chillies, Dahivada raita powder(my fav), and ofcourse curd to it. Mix it well. Add tadka with oil, 1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds, curry leaves and 1 tea spoon urad dal on top.
Traditionally, we dont add the Dahivada raita powder, we use 1/2 teaspoon of mustard seeds powder. Try it..

Vegetable baath recipe from Asha's blog

Our Dinner:
Cucumber Raita, Mango and Amaranth leaves Lentil, Spicy Potato Curry, Vegetable Baath with white rice.


Asha said...

Great post sweetie. Enjoy and happy Diwali!:))

ashok's Blog said...

Happy diwali.

Shireesha said...

Thank you Ashaji.. aur aap ko bhi ... aur aapki family ko bhi .. Happy Diwali

Anonymous said...


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