Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kakarakaya curry (Bitter gourd curry)

This one is a simple recipe to make at home. I just tried it and it turned out to be tasty along with the combination of plain dal, tomato rasam and rice. So here it is:

Kakarakaya (bitter gourd) - 5 chopped in small pieces
Onion - 1 big chopped
seseme seeds powder - 4 tbsp
tamarind pulp/juice - 1/2 cup
cumin seeds
red chilli powder
salt to taste ( 2 tbsp)

Method of preparation
1) Add oil to kadai and let it heat.
2) Add cumin seeds and now add kakarakaya(bitter gourd), onions at the same time. (it takes time to fry bitter gourd and in the meantime even the onions gets cooked nicely).
3) Add salt to above and let it fry.
4) once you feel that bitter gourd pieces are fried properly you can add red chilli powder and tamarind pulp to it.
5) after a few minutes add seseme seeds powder to it. If you want to have a little dry curry then leave it as is, if you want to have a grave one then add little water/tamarind pulp according to your taste.

Your bitter gourd curry is ready to serve.


Apu said...

This will taste super with rice and dal!! Very nice recipe!!

Anonymous said...

very much tasty curry specially for diabetic patients.Must add as daily receipe EASY TO COOK AND VERY MUCH GOOD FOR HEALTH FOR EVERY ONE- T SINGH


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