Friday, May 07, 2010

Sorakaya Perugu Pachadi/Sorakaya Raita/Doodhi yogurt chutney

Sorakaya/Doodhi - Peeled, Chopped and Boiled in water
Yogurt/Perugu/Sour cream
Salt to taste

For tadka
Mustard seeds
Red chillies
Cumin seeds

Method of preparation
1) Peel, chop and boil doodhi pieces in water . Add salt to water if you want the pieces to be a little sour.

2) Take a serving bowl. Add doodhi/sorakaya pieces to it along with Perugu and salt to taste.

3) Prepare tadka by adding oil to a small bowl. After oil is heated add mustard seeds. After they splutter, add cumin seeds, asafoetida turn off.

4) Crush the fried red chillies either with pestel and mortar or in blender. Add tadka and the red chillies crush to the serving bowl. Mix everything nicely so that the taste spreads out evenly.

Your raita is ready to serve.

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