Monday, May 15, 2006

Phulka / Roti

The Roti recipe is added for my friend who asked me to publish the recipe so that it is easy to explain with pictures rather than just speaking.

Atta - Godhuma pindi (In Telugu)

Method of Preparation
1. Mix the atta with very little salt and water, To make it thick batter as shown below.


2. Keep aside the above for 15-30 minutes.

3. Prepare small rounds from it as shown below

4. Now take a belan and press it to make round shape. ( For the starters, just try to make it flat and equal, you will slowly pick up round shape as you prepare more :) )

5. Take a pan(Penam - Telugu). put the prepared roti from above step on it. Once a small bubbles start appearing turn the roti.

6. Wait until the other side of the roti is done. This can be indicated by the air bubbles on the roti.

7. When the second side it ready then put the first side on flame as shown in figure. As I have Electric stove, I use this little piece to make phulka's which make phulkas come out good, with the same effect as on gas.

8. Apply butter/oil/Ghee if desired and serve with Curry

1. Can add little oil, warm water

2. Rice Floor instead of atta for making the roti, to come out with smooth and nice. but if you try the above or the rice floor for making chapati, apply oil/ghee to it. Otherwise there are many chances for the roti to become like papad in few seconds. :)


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