Monday, December 21, 2009

cottage cheese bajjis/fritters

I literally mean cottage cheese for this recipe. On the thanks giving long weekend I got a small pack of cottage cheese assuming it to be similar to our paneer(Indian version of cottage cheese). I wanted to try out some paneer recipe that weekend. But as I opened the box I was disappointed to see how the cottage cheese is. It was a little liquid and probably a version of yogurt I felt. Not knowing on what to do with it, I left it in the refridgerator for it to expire and then I can throw it away. Luckily on one weekend, one of our friends/relatives prepared cottage cheese fritters, whose taste is very good. Out of excitement I asked about how she made it. As it was snowing this weekend and nothing else to do while kids were sleeping, I said to myself that I would give it a try. My elder son who is 22 months old loved them and ate them very nicely along with chutney. The taste of the bajjis/fritters was extremely good yummy and I can guarantee that kids are going to love it ofcourse your whole family also. So here goes the recipe:

Cottage cheese
All purpose flour
Sooji also called bombai ravva
green chillies
Oil for deep fry
Salt to taste

Method of preparation
1) Mix cottage cheese green chillies, coriander, salt and slowly add all purpose flour(maida) to it so that it becomes slightly dough type. Also add sooji little bit while mixing.

2) Take a kadai/wok and add oil to it. Let it heat and then slowly drop small parts of above mixture. Deep fry them till golden yellow.

3) Drain them on a paper towel so that any extra oil is squeezed away from top and serve it with any chutney. Here I served it with Coriander, Peanut, Chana dalia chutney.


1)Sooji gives crispy taste to the bajjis, but beware do not add more of it as it might ruin the taste of total bajjis. Just add enough so that the bajjis crispy. I used 5 spoons of sooji for a small container of cottage cheese. So use your judgement on using it.
2) Make sure you add less salt than needed. these bajjis can easily have good taste with less salt. taste the bajji by deep frying one and then add any extra salt needed.
3) Remove the cottage cheese out before 1/2 - 1 hour of preparation so that any ice in it will be turned to water.
4) I can guarantee that you can even try these with regular paneer also but for paneer since all the water is removed, you might have to add good amount of water and make it like pakodi bajji mix.

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Can you add measurements for the ingredients?


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