Friday, December 04, 2009

Gadget in Kitchen

Here is a new gadget/tool in my kitchen. My husband got it as my birthday gift. This is a electric pressure cooker. Doesn't whistle as our regular pressure cooker but cooks exactly like it. We can make all kind of dals, Sambar, Rice or any item in it. We can add tadka directly in it by putting in it in browning mode and then switch it back to high pressure for cooking dal later. Easy to use. Easy to clean the bowl. Faster cooking happens when I do use my rice cooker for rice, and add curry on stove and dal in electric pressure cooker. All my items are done at the same time, making us ready to eat faster.

My husband got it from Costco for 80 bucks I believe. Worth it if you have kids and need to cook dal/sambar everyday or if you cook rice very often. Cooking in this is also much faster I should say :).

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