Friday, December 11, 2009

Jilebi with Instant mix

Update: 01/26/2011
I made this recently again and it came out good when I used the ketchup bottles. so I wanted to update with the latest pics.

This Jilebi is tried by using the instant mix. of course I used the standard gits. I have one more at home to try out and that is from Priya I believe. The taste of the jilebi came out good except the size of the hole I cut in the cloth for pouring jilebi was a little stout. Most of the people suggested me to use ketchup bottles we get or see in the Indian bakeries. So I got it yesterday (literally yesterday from walmart). So hopefully next time my jilebis come out in good shape.:).

Jilebi instant mix
Sugar syrup (sugar and water mixed in equal parts)
Oil for deep frying

Method of preparation
1. Mix the jilebi mix as mentioned on the packet with water. make it to a dosa batter consistency. Keep aside for 15 minutes.

2. Heat a kadai with oil and on another stove put another bowl for sugar syrup.

3. Take a ketchup bottle or a cloth with very small hole. place a part of mixed batter in it.

4. After oil is heated, pour the jilebis in circle starting with inner one first.

5. After jilebi turns light golden or brown remove it from oil and put it in sugar syrup for 5 minutes and then drain it on a paper or plate ready to serve.

Note: I dont remember off my head on if the jilebi mix asked me to use milk or water
to mix it. I shall update this post if it is not water.

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